Dustin Breau wants to buy you a beer and hear your story.  

But for now, this is his.

This strapping man, who suited up for a time with the Dallas 

Cowboys’ practice squad, was born eight weeks premature, 

tiny enough to fit in a shoe box.  He was adopted.  As his new 

parents were taking him home from the hospital, an NBC crew 

approached them and asked to share their story.  Baby Dustin 

made his TV debut at just six weeks old.

Breau studied Film, TV and Radio at Montana State University in Billings, Mt.  He paid the bills as a bartender and bouncer at a biker bar, where he survived being shot and stabbed.  Montana’s rugged life suited this athletic, adrenaline junkie, while his coursework allowed him to hone his artistic side as a photographer and storyteller.  Breau was hired as on-air talent for a radio station in Billings while still in college.  After graduating, he moved through Reno and Denver before 93.3fm The FOXX lured him back to Bozeman, where a contest for Super Bowl tickets introduced him to his wife.

After moving to Salt Lake City, Breau landed a recurring role in the hit show, “Touched By An Angel”.  His acting credits include a co-starring role in the film “Dumb Luck” with Scott Baio and more than a dozen national commercials.  But Breau considers his most important role, ‘dad”.

Breau grew his passion for photography in to a successful business, finding a niche in the aviation industry.  dbfoto(http://dbfoto.com) has become a driving force in aviation marketing worldwide.

Ever curious and creative, Breau began home brewing more than a decade ago.  When the craft brew craze took off, he realized he wasn’t the only one who wanted to know more about how beers are made, what gives each one its distinct flavor and finish, and most importantly, where to find the best brews!  The concept for “Micro America” was born.

With the down to earth charm of Mike Rowe, the adventurous spirit of Anthony Bourdain, and a sense of humor all his own, Dustin Breau is poised to become America’s favorite drinking buddy.

Micro America is a half hour show that takes viewers to the best craft breweries and introduces them to the people who make and drink it.  Micro America highlights the unique flavors of craft beers and, in the process, highlights the unique flavors of our towns and cities across this great nation.  Anyone who’s heard the phrase, “Can I buy you a beer?”, knows that sharing a cold one leads to sharing stories.  Micro America merges the culinary treasure hunt of “Diners, Drive Ins & Dives” with the charming and eclectic storytelling of “Dirty Jobs”, while capitalizing on the unquenchable thirst for craft beer.